Born in Hong Kong, Kaki is currently based between London and Iceland and has graduated from the London Film School - MA in Filmmaking in March 2018. She had made 7 short films since 2013. Her works have been showcased in various film festivals, including Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong, Reykjavík International Film Festival, Underwire Film Festival. Her first short made in London, ‘Revolve’, was chosen to be part of the Icelandic National Television Station RÚV Örvapið programme. She has also worked as an intern in Reykjavík International Film Festival during summer 2015. In March 2017, she was invited by United Nations to take part in a documentary filming in the refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya.

She is focusing on directing at the moment. Recently, she participated in Go Short Campus at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. In October 2018, she was chosen to participate at the Golden Horse Film Academy 2018 in Taiwan, founded by director HOU Hsiao-hsien. She had completed a short film with 6 other members of the academy within a month and was shown at the 55th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

Her films are mainly about strange human relationships and fantasies, featuring female characters and stories. She hoped her films can lead to more discussions on female issues and can even attract more female to join the film industry to speak out their voices.  

Interviews about her works can be seen at Aesthetica Magazine, The Reykjavík Grapevine and WomenCinemakers Magazine.


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Ka Ki Wong  - on the set of “Dark Room”

Ka Ki Wong - on the set of “Dark Room”



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